Madcap Matey

projectsMadcapJoin Cap, a fledgling mushroom captain armed with only a blunderbuss and a pocket of mulch, as he sets off to purge the Algae Sea of the rising sea slug menace: recruit a disposable crew of Micro-Mush subordinates, exploit their unique properties to explore tropical island locales, and execute swarm specialties for battle is this swashbuckling title, Madcap Matey… Read more


projectsKotameKotame is a game that my Capstone team, Vale Visions, decided to develop after wrapping up preproduction on Provectus. Our team lost one person following the transition, but everyone has been able to press on in his absence and are working well towards producing a great game… Read more

Box Boy

projectsBoxBoyBoxBoy was developed alongside Chad Gosselin using Box2D on top of an OpenGL framework for iOS. In this project I created the blood particles, the ground blocks and procedural generation, the cape, the movement, the block character’s texture switching, and the collision filtering of different objects… Read more

Le Ver

projectsLeVerLe Ver was developed using Unity 4.3 for Ludum Dare Jam 29 alongside three of my peers: Christian Potvin (programmer), Sean Toomey (programmer), and Maria Diment (texture artist). I worked on all of the game’s assets and scenes: the entire outdoor environment was created using unity terrain editor, the sidewalk and… Read more

Remedo Visto

projectsRemedoRemedo Visto was developed using XNA 4.0 for a class project. I produced the background and sky artwork; animated the main character, spiders and scorpions using Anime Studio Pro 9; and developed the main menu, splash screen, and animation component… Read more



projectsProvectusProvectus was the first prototype prepared for our Capstone project, beginning preproduction with a team of nine students and developed using Unity 4.3. I had intended to serve as an artist and programmer on the project, but due to the lack of modelers on my team, I had to take on the role of art contact exclusively… Read more

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