Kotame is a game that my Capstone team, Vale Visions, decided to develop after wrapping up preproduction on Provectus. Our team lost one person following the transition, but everyone has been able to press on in his absence and are working well towards producing a great game. Compared to our previous work on Provectus, we’ve been able to create something of higher quality in a shorter time-frame. It took Vale Visions roughly two months to get to the stage presented below.


Stealth – Action


The world has changed. After humankind fell following the advent of synthetic singularity and the subsequent war they wrought, civilization crumbled and machines laid claim to the land. Today synthetic society reigns supreme, sweeping the streets in the search of those that had stood with humanity or served them in their time.

Join prewar and postwar roguebots Jason and Xemel as they seek sanctuary in a hostile, oppressive world: explore the dystopian city of Dorochi, avoid detection synthetic patrollers, and find the roguebot haven, Siriko Station.



  • Created the HUD art assets: the Sound Rings (which is clipping through the ground in the current build), Health Rings, and Power Panels.
  • Created the thrust effect that is under Xemel, the player’s companion, using unity particle systems.
  • Created the EMP burst that Xemel produces using unity particle systems (the effect is not finalized).
  • Modeled all the vegetation: the vines, bush, and the fern.
  • Modeled the player character “Jason”.
  • Modeled the companion character “Xemel”
  • Modeled the melee enemy “Dynoda”.
  • Modeled the boss character”Dytosa” (click here to see render).
  • Created and scripted the cooldown effect using unity particle system.
  • Modeled a camera enemy which is not visible in the current build (click here to see render).
  • Modeled, animated, and scripted the functionality of the security gate.
  • Constructed the entire level by referencing the level design that my design team and I created.
  • Worked on visual effects like dynamic lighting (trying to make them work and function efficiently).
  • Created the ground (currently incomplete).
  • Produced UVs for an assortment of assets.
  • Textured all the assets (as seen in the first and second video).


The first version of the game can be viewed below. I programmed and produced everything as a pitch to my Capstone team. It was well-received and development began shortly thereafter.

After roughly two months of development, my Capstone team produced a first release build of Kotame. There’s still a lot of work to do, but the project has come a long way, featuring better assets, animation, music, and AI.



The image above is a screenshot of Kotame taken from its first release build in late October. The image showcases the first section of the game where the player is navigating an ominous alleyway. As you can see, the light coming from the thruster is creating dynamic shadows. The Thruster and the Power Panel to the left of Xemel both highlight the different particle effects I produced for the game.

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